VR space sim built upon 1:1 immersive piloting

Full hand tracking, real haptics and other hyper-reality effects compatibility for maximum immersion.

Add any kind of controllers, buttons or panels to your cockpit and place them to your taste.

Import your craziest creation to your ship and share it with the community.

Command your spaceship with the most accurate flying dynamics and features to enjoy your flight.


1:1 Experience

In order to maintain the most immersive piloting experience possible, real world inputs must match the virtual world inputs. Tinker Pilot uses the TinkerCore VR System, which has been created around the current limitations of VR to make sure that any interaction between you and the game follows this rule. We make sure that no game design decision breaks your sense of presence.

The game offers optional full hand tracking compatibility, which combined with actual haptic feedback from your peripherals and virtual holograms results in the most compelling method to interact with your ship controls.

Enhance your experience and integrate other hyper-reality effects such as motion simulation, vibration or wind.

Customize your cockpit

HOTAS, VR controllers, pedals, joystick, yoke, your bare hands… The choice is yours. Tinker Pilot flexibility allows you to seamlessly integrate any controller into your cockpit and map its functionality to your liking.

Easily set up any combination of controllers alongside other virtual elements to create and upgrade the cockpit layout that fits your preference and flying style.

Add information screens, holographic buttons and sliders, custom control panels, communication holograms, screens, decorative pictures, your own custom models, special furniture and more. The possibilities are endless.

Do it yourself

Not only conventional premade controllers can be integrated into the game. You can also import your craziest creations.

 A handy switch, a custom buttons panel, a motion simulator or an automatic air cooling system are just some examples of what can be achieved. The game is designed so that any invention you come up with can be effortlessly integrated with the game data.

Tinker Pilot encourages you and all the maker community to tinker with your ship and share your creations. Demonstrate that the best pilots are also great engineers.

Realistic Sci-Fi flight

Tinker Pilot VR bears the most realistic physics and flying dynamics in order to take advantage of your customized cockpit.

Take full control over every thruster, sensor, stabilizer or any flight control system. Change any parameter on the fly and adapt to any situation.

Beginners can quickly get the hang of basic piloting through automatic flying control systems, but only the most skilled pilots will be able to perform impossible maneuvers.

TinkerCore VR System

The TinkerCore VR System is a software tool created to allow developers to turn any Unity experience into an immersive 1:1 VR experience. It has been created to provide Tinker Pilot with the best possible piloting feeling, but its universal nature can make it suitable for quite different experiences.

Use the system to ease the process of integrating any objects – with 1:1 haptics interaction – or sensations – 4D effects – from the physical world directly to the virtual world. It handles any complex configurations and integrations for you so that they work together as one.

Its in-game configurator and its intuitive user interface enables a fast and accurate virtual-physical matching and a simple configuration process of your compatible devices.

It also implements a serial communication interface to connect with specific hardware such as microcontrollers in order to handle specific situations. This deletes a huge gap within VR development, as you can develop a truly immersive experience much faster than usual and easily make it flexible so that it can be fully customized and reconfigured on runtime.

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Lluís Garcia Lamora


3D Art

Javi F. Flores



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